Geralt Hurts Jaskier Fanfictionjaskier jaskier the bard the witcher jaskier x geralt geralt x jaskier geraskier geraskier fanfiction the witcher fanfiction witcher fic lambert eskel …. Where There’s a Witcher by ghostinthelibrary. Geralt X Reader Jaskier X Reader. The group had set up camp in a small forest clearing just before sundown. The last time viewers saw Geralt and Jaskier together was in the Season 1 episode "Rare Species. Behind him, Jaskier is rolling up the gauze, putting …. Kleinehexe36 on AO3 and fanfiction. A simple question is enough to make them both come undone. SUMMARY: Everyone is more in Ard …. 'Cold', unfeeling bastards', is whispered behind palms. u0 Hi, me again… I'd like to reques a the witcher one shot with reader x jaskier. Pairing: Geralt of Rivia x F! Hurt mage reader. Some might take that as Geralt being at least bi-curious. "If you want to kill me, Witcher, then do so. dd5 “Good,” Jaskier said, arms around Geralt. While initially reluctant to accept his destiny, Geralt eventually …. Five years ago, while Geralt and Jaskier were on a break, Jaskier released an album full of heartbreaking ballads and angry anthems that didn’t mention Geralt at all. He couldn’t find it in himself to care. Geraltxjaskier Stories - Wattpad. 074 Jaskier knew that something was off the moment Adelaine rushed past him in …. Jaskier knows very well that the best things come to people who wait. oe The woman with red hair glanced at him ~~~ "I disagree, I gave the people of the village a new hope, a creature that shouldn't quite exist-" "The Phoenix. After Geralt had finally managed to get rid of Jaskier once and for all, he could finally start his search for Ciri. geralt of rivia geralt fic geralt fanfic geralt x reader geralt x oc the witcher The Witcher fic The Witcher fanfic The Witcher x reader fanfic oc tag OC fic …. The reader is some kind of forest nymph and really curious when geralt and jaskier come into her part of the forest. Until Yennifer steps in and helps Geralt to remove his head from his ass. “I thought the best thing for you was…less of me,” Geralt …. Fandom: The Witcher Pairing: Geralt x Exasperation Word Count: 651 Rating: G Taglist: @heroics-and-heartbreak @whatevermonkey …. One of the big reasons that fans probably ship Jaskier and Geralt is simply how refreshing they are in this show. Geralt turned his head with confusion, before huffing, “Nymph. She has a lot to say on the matter. otr Pairing: Geralt x Original Character. In which Ciri suspects but cannot confirm. Fanfic Recs ans-summer: send help. Jaskier | Dandelion Loves Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia (1942) Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia Has Feelings (1773) Established Relationship (1712) Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia Loves Jaskier | Dandelion (1644) Anal Sex (1617) Hurt Jaskier | Dandelion (1448) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. The Witcher | Reader Geralt of Rivia Jaskier | Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Jaskier X Reader Mystery Magic Angst Adventure Jaskier X Oc Fluff. Emhyr’s actually still grateful to Geralt …. Geralt thinks that keeping the fact that the young man was in a traffic accident to himself is a better idea. Geralt never slowed down to look at the flowers Jaskier so frequently pointed out or to give his aching legs a break, Geralt rarely ever let Jaskier touch him let alone let him actually braid his hair… all that comment ever gets is a 'mhm' which Jaskier has learnt means that Geralt is listening to an extent, but he doesn't really care. Yennefer accidentally hurts Jaskier. Jaskier is a professor and Geralt is a well-known actor/model. Here's a fic where Jaskier is sick or hurt and the others are worried about him. Geralt hummed, pressing his lips against Jaskier’s forehead, holding his lover close. Geralt barely notices the wounds in his leg and side as he gives chase, silver sword After years apart, Geralt and Jaskier finally reunite. In the wake of his breakup with Yen, Geralt comes to Jaskier looking to …. ravennowithtea: oh valley of plenty oh valley of plenty Witcher Geralt x …. Jaskier breaks himself off, but Geralt’s breath still catches. Geralt found it odd that that was what she decided to leave the conversation on, but he knew Triss was fond of Jaskier and he knew that she just wanted what …. Jaskier slaps at him and says, “Stop that!” // Jaskier accidentally gets Geralt cursed to want to touch him at all times. in which Geralt is the one who hugs Jaskier first. After getting booed during his performance at a local tavern, Jaskier approached Geralt of Rivia and insisted that he review his performance. 6hj Angst and Hurt/Comfort · Dead doesn't mean gone · Jaskier has abandonment issues · A casual arrangement · Jaskier gets injured on a hunt · Geralt thinks he's ugly + . “It’s not,” Geralt responded quietly, pain clutching at his chest as …. And he knows Jaskier is correctly translating his actions because for all his endless charm, the bard has one particularly bright and soft smile reserved only for those moments, for Geralt. Summary: Triss heads to Kaer Morhen to help Geralt and hires Y/N, (in)famous Novigrad mercenary, to follow her on the …. - you often found yourself splayed on top of him, head on his broad chest being lulled to sleep by its rhythmic rise and fall. As a witcher, it's been his constant . something healing by leaveanote. “Ger–geralt–” “Don’t you dare,” he snarls back, “Don’t you dare try to give me your fucking goodbyes. Jaskier is a twentysomething recently unemployed journalist and amateur musician looking for his big break. Netflix, games, the books, the Polish TV show Hexer - all are allowed! You are allowed to have the POV character as Jaskier, Yennefer, etc but their focus must be on Geralt who is hurt in some way. They’re at a party in Cidaris, some fancy banquet for the king’s court which Geralt has barely …. Hunting was something that Jaskier genuinely enjoyed, even in his human form the …. ” He placed his sword back to his side. The Spider kidnaps Wade for a chat and lets him go. As Jaskier said Geralt was kind and pure and he never actually wanted to hurt his friend, not as stupid as Jaskier can be. Jaskier/Yennefer with eventual Geralt/Jaskier/Yennefer. "Is it slipping?" Jaskier must have noticed. Welcome to geraskiersource,a blog dedicated to shipping Geralt of Rivia & his bard Jaskier. ” Her voice is like nails being driven into a …. TITLE: Like Glitter and Gold AUTHOR: Beelieve FANDOM: The Witcher (TV) RATING: E CHAPTERS: 1 & 2 (of 5). a ransom from Geralt by hurting his bard… day five of whumptober. Memories of Ice // Geralt of Rivia. Which also makes a lot of you go the "unrequited love" angle, which I can definitely see, as much as unrequited love hurts my heart lol. Jaskier is curled up on the bed, back to the wall and limbs gathered up to his chest. Decides that piercing eyes and unnatural hair are something to be respected, admired, used as inspiration for ballads. “Thank you,” he kissed Geralt again, but this time the bard’s hand slid down and pinched– Geralt …. When Jaskier is sent after a cruel, corrupt lord who has hired Geralt as his bodyguard, Jaskier tries to figure out how to assassinate the lord without Geralt finding out his secret. Jaskier just talks incessantly at Geralt and Geralt tells him to fuck off incessantly but Jaskier rarely does for long. vi3 Summary: Evil is looming and old memories are blooming in the keep of Kaer Morhen. The Witcher | Jaskier | Short Stories Netflix Hurt Comfort Geralt H C Geraskier Nekker Storia realizzata per l' Anonymous H/C Speed-Filling Challenge, indetta sul gruppo Hurt/Comfort Italia - Fanfiction & Fanart Prompt: Personaggio A è gravemente ammalato (niente malattie mortali) e personaggio B lo assiste, anche se i due l'ultima volta che. And he also survived a punch in the stomach from the Witcher. Surrounded by soft blankets and other comfort items, Geralt accepted Jaskier’s help with a tiny smile on his …. Moderator of The Witcher Henry Cavill. “Would you fight death for me?”. Summary - With nowhere else to go, the reader is forced to sleep on it and hope one of them miraculously wake up with a plan. gfp angst gfp first meeting Anonymous. Not that he hadn't already reckoned his presence would become too much for the Witcher. 'Spawn of the devil', is spat at their feet. Geralt looked up at Jaskier with a pleading look and the bard knew what he had to do. Jaskier opens his mouth to say something right as a woman steps out of her door to empty a pail and happens to glance at you. Jaskier has no choice on the matter …. st Geralt almost wishes he didn’t know Jaskier so well, because then he might not notice how very carefully choreographed Jaskier is when they …. 20 feet tall and as heavy as an elephant. Video of Geralt & Jaskier - Hurt for 粉丝 of The Witcher (Netflix). ixb Jaskier | Dandelion Loves Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia. Geralt soon realizes that the bard can take care of Geralt better than he’d realized, in his own way. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers. 3: Geralt & Jaskier show up and take over the chapter. Whatever you do, don't think about how Geralt and Jaskier will reunite post-dragon hunt, but how things will be different after they do; Don't think …. Summary: Geralt and Yennefer bathe together after the witcher returns late at night from an …. A Witcher fanfic based off my friend and my self insert OC's. In retrospect, it wasn't hilarious enough to overcome …. ji Rita-my latest fanfic 07-11-2021, 12:56 PM #172: MsPerfectionist. 1222), was a bard and a close friend of Geralt of Rivia. The cast around Jaskier’s forearm rests against his chest, holding his broken arm close with a tight sling. “So much,” Jaskier adds in a whisper before he pulls back to tip Geralt’s head back with a gentle finger under his chin. Season 1 - Episode 6This is a pretty good show 8. In retrospect, it wasn't hilarious enough to overcome the awkwardness of it all. Geraskier, with a healthy helping of Jaskier-in-peril. uqj Click on Tampermonkey and then into your Dashboard. Geralt of Rivia was a legendary witcher of the School of the Wolf active throughout the 13th century. Jaskier | Dandelion Loves Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia; Hurt Jaskier | Dandelion; Hurt/Comfort; NONCON AND ABUSE NOT BETWEEN GERALT AND …. As Jaskier said Geralt was kind …. Geralt grunts, dismounting carefully, "Fine. No word count limit for fanfiction writers. Jaskier held pressure onto their …. So yeah, Geralt had hit him before and he actually never really meant to hurt him much, Geralt never realised he was so strong and Jaskier never told him how weak he was, so this was okay for now. In his left hand, he deftly twists a serrated hunting blade between his fingers, something you …. Though, at first, Geralt does try to scare Jaskier off, lest he be one more human hurt on the Path of a Witcher. Geralt + his tiny Jaskier Smiles™. If he had learned anything else during his time with Geralt, he had learned that Fate was. The build is a little slow but totally …. Jaskier was always quick to say something whether it was a comment here or there but what did it mean for their relationship when Jaskier would never actually say how he felt? Sometimes he wished he could tell Geralt that he was weak and that it actually hurts. Jaskier (Netflix series) | Witcher Wiki | Fand…. “Nymph?” Jaskier asked, looking from Geralt to you. Jaskier had been invited to join the bad, and Geralt was tolerated as he had freed one of their best fields from a noonwraith. After spending one fateful night together, Geralt and Jaskier part ways. Sometimes they sit by the fireplace and try not to eavesdrop, sometimes they …. Seeing the tension in Geralt’s face ease a little, he took a chance and placed a hand on Geralt’s arm, lightly rubbing his thumb in soothing arcs. Geralt carefully helped them onto Roach, trying to inflict as little pain as possible before him and Jaskier got on as well. -Two days later, Geralt and Jaskier paused for lunch at a tavern in …. An Incomplete Happiness and Stirring Dull Roots with Spring Rai n by BlossomintheMist. • watch in HD and use headphones for better experience •I CANNOT BELIEVE JASKIER WENT ALL TAYLOR SWIFT OMGWe literally wrote a break up song. Geralt found himself feeling a little bad for the bard because he knew he was just trying to help, but Geralt also knew that Y/N needed her space when it came to days like this. Geralt rolls his eyes and looks away, as Jaskier sneezes again. Geralt uses Jaskier’s forward momentum against him, latching onto his wrist and yanking him closer while anchoring the sword-wielding …. Geralt had never actually hit him with the intention to cause serious pain so there was nothing to be afraid of, and he was right. POV Eskel (The Witcher) Game-Canon Eskel (The Witcher) Summary. The initial episode sees Nilfgaard invade Cintra, people tortured and dying, choosing to kill themselves rather than be caught by Nilfgaard. Geralt made his way towards Jaskier and Jaskier flinched thinking that the man would hit him due to him being insanely angry but then Jaskier relaxed. Geralt doesn’t realize he’s doing either of those until it’s too late. tried not to think about the hurt that had flashed through Geralt's eyes . Posted 2 years ago with 3,897 notes. #witcher #jaskier #geralt #yennefer …. 1160) was a witcher, who was tied to Ciri through the Law of Surprise. Na série The Witcher, da Netflix, Jaskier fez a famosa canção pedindo “um trocado para o seu bruxo”. This is when Geralt meets Yennefer. I can just imagine Geralt constantly being confused and trying to get rid of whenever thing they joke about trying to kill them. “It means I’m not going to take care of you if you get sick. Geralt and Jaskier find a baby abandoned, crying and close to starvation, and after some arguments. He looks only slightly uncomfortable, with his lips …. Geralt, suddenly unsure of himself, approaches you. Word Count: 22,497 & 64,087 WIP. Geralt never slowed down to look at the flowers Jaskier so frequently pointed out or to give his aching legs a break, Geralt rarely ever let Jaskier touch him let …. Jaskier just maintains his tutting and sniping, tells Geralt that this requires patience, you menace, not that it’s something he would understand. Geralt slid his fingers into Jaskier's hair and held him close as he kissed him, both of them smiling into the kiss as they lay there lazily kissing and exploring each …. In the midst of it all, he finds that his wandering affections have settled on one woman - he is falling for a. From the kinkmeme: AU Warlord!Geralt receives Tribute!Jaskier as a sacrifice to appease him in every way possible. Season 1 of the Netflix original series told the story of Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), the titular Witcher, and is based off the best-selling. " As the episode draws to a close, Geralt is upset by a heated discussion with Yennefer gone very wrong. Idioma Português Categorias The Witcher. And when I finally realized this the. SpaceJackalope2021-11-26T00:55:15-05:00by SpaceJackalope. 15: feed a cold, starve a fever …. This emotional distress lasts for years as both carry the loss with them on their journeys. Summary: Jaskier and Geralt part ways after their fight, bent on never seeing each other again. Take the lesson from the master bard who survived even Geralt’s legendary grumpiness. CONTENIDO CON SPOILERS Artista del dibujo de la portada: …. Jaskier e Geralt sono chiusi in uno sgabuzzino - e niente, qui finisce sostanzialmente la trama e comincia il rating rosso ;) [Dal testo:] …. As for his back hurting, Geralt had actually offered to strap his lute on to Roach once which had really shocked Jaskier, and as tempting as . vt Geralt’s hand is firmly inside Jaskier’s chemise, now, and he tweaks one of Jaskier’s nipples. ih6 He curled further under the covers, leaning up against the wall with the lute held between his body and the furs in a position that his tutors at Oxenfurt would never have approved of. The prompts are guidelines for the specific day. Pairing: Geraskier | Geralt x Jaskier Warnings: angst, hurt/comfort, blood, death, post Season 2 Word count: 4115 _____ He was dead, lying there in his …. Fanfic: Blind To You Ch 1, Witcher | FanFiction. Geralt feels pins pricking up his spine. One thing he was glad, was that Geralt had never met Julian. After the long day of quiet traveling, minus Jaskier fiddling with his lute, it was now dark out. Geralt blames Jaskier for all his burdens l The Witcher Netflix S01E06 l . wibblywobblytimeywimey *that queer girl who corrects the teacher’s definition of lgbtqia+, couldn’t go three months in school without reading stony every …. unl jaskier is reluctant at first, but concedes that geralt should be able to hold his own against weaker monsters that’s when geralt realises that witcher!jaskier is a huge bamf and also very buff (buff jaskier rights!!!) and geralt really shouldn’t like. In fact, he’s actually rather fond of Geralt… in a very typically Emhyr fashion. The music played, drinks and food were shared in plenty, and for a moment, Geralt was content with the world, even as the first drops of an early summer rain hit his head. geralt does his geralt thing and jaskier probably didn’t even focus on himself for awhile after the mountain. 8b Hell, he was sure he blamed Jaskier for the Dragon Hunt too. ohh the dragon that's a cool art _____. Jaskier had been mulling over his own disgraces, drinking ale, after ale, after ale, after ale. And then Geralt’s eyes slipped shut and he hummed. "You get a bad feeling about everyone I dally off with, go earn some coin, witcher," he smirks. First off, Jaskier got into trouble with Rience (Chris Fulton), a mage instructed to find Ciri after the fall of Cintra. On Top of Someone Else's Love by mayatheyellowbee: Eskel/Geralt/Jaskier, E, 5K. Geralt, enveloped in warm water, looks over his body - Jaskier's handiwork is getting better all the time. Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; …. "Arm back down," Jaskier says behind him, and so Geralt rests his left arm back on the edge of the tub. Scratch that, the last thing he expected was to run into Geralt and a bard, the latter of whom seems overly familiar with his brother despite Lambert never having. weq Geralt was older than Jaskier by, well, he wasn’t entirely sure. Geralt, por outro lado, tem palavras . Jaskier declares this place "perfect"- cuts his extolling of its virtues short when he sees Geralt wince. Relationship: Geralt/Jaskier Additional Tags: Whump, Hurt/Comfort, Light Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Feelings, Getting Together, Sleepy Cuddles, …. The Witcher Imagine - Jaskier meets a Forest Nymph. Originally posted by taronegeton. Geralt, Jaskier, and Yennefer are settling into a new romantic relationship several weeks after the battle with Voleth Meir. vzw Too bad he never expected to miss the bard so much. ” Geralt knew Jaskier could feel the tiny grin that graced his features this time. Answer (1 of 3): Emhyr doesn’t really hate Geralt. Geralt had meant to ask Jaskier if he’d perhaps seen the new leather strap he’d purchased before their trip up the mountains, hoping to repair a break on …. (A The Witcher fix it fic) SMUT WARNING! THIS FIC CONTAINS SMUT! #boyxboy #fixit #geraltxjaskier #romance #thewitcher. The brazier was low, just a smoulder, but Jaskier just kept plucking his lute. Prompt: Renfri was Jaskier's sister and when Jaskier first meets Geralt he' angry but also curious, and after the elves he decides to stick around because Geralr is not the bloodthirsty monster he thought the witcher would be. But eight weeks later, Ger Taking place after the Mountain scene, Jaskier travels back down the mountain, running into a mage This is a fanfiction about how both Jaskier and Geralt, don't realize the feelings each of them hav. geraltxjaskier jaskier geraskier thewitcher geraltofrivia geralt witcher dandelion yennefer fanfiction yenneferofvengerberg jaskierxgeralt …. This is my aggressively multifandom internet home. “If you want to kill me, Witcher, then do so. "Jaskier, are you alright?" "Define alright for me Geralt? Because I'm unsure how I can be alright after being kidnapped and tortured by a gang of Nilfgaardians trying to figure out where you are for some god forsaken reason when I haven't seen you in months-" "Alright as in any serious injuries. " "Correct, a little bit of magic does so much. Worse, Geralt gave him a look like he might be the next thing skewered on those famous silver. da Geralt/Jaskier Scat Desperation - original prompt on Dreamwidth. Tease (Gif not mine; found on pinterest!) Anon requested: Geralt and Reader are teasing each other until Geralt snaps and fucks her until she passes out. But lucky for him, the Witcher just kicked him out to wash. thewitcheredit witcheredit geraskier geraskieredit userava userbecca usersvenja ughmerlin arthurpendragonns jemmablossom gifs s1 s2 1x02 1x04 1x06 2x07 by avia. Additional Tags: Post-The Witcher (TV) Season 2, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Heartbreak, Getting Back Together, Insecure …. y14 5n This blog is an automated list of the stories posted on the Archive Of Our Own website under the Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion tag. Summary: Jaskier’s hands tighten around Geralt before slowly losing their grip, spasming where they fall limp. 10/10 would read again I love the concept of this fic so much. Geralt stared at Jaskier as the Bard snarled at him, the rage in the bard’s voice barely contained, but the Witcher was observant in ways that still …. Jaskier closed his eyes and sunk against the door to his room, sucking in deep breaths as he tried to calm down his thundering heart before he had a heart attack. 0ee Step Five: Click on the puzzle piece at the top right corner of your browser. But Jaskier hadn't made Geralt use the Law of Surprise. Find the rest of the fic on ao3. The Witcher is covered in a thin layer of blood and heavily coated in his signature …. While Geralt is visited by a rotating door of colleagues and friends - Jaskier never has visitors, and Geralt understands why Jaskier talks to him. Geralt never really meant to hurt Jaskier by Sweetlotus. The stories are automatically posted here from the AO3 RSS feed using an IFTTT recipe. Jaskier talking Geralt through what to do to help him. Friday, Feb 25th 2,729 notes 1645804202. Geralt listens closely, knowing the old woman was either batshit or speaking the truth— perhaps both. ” “Correct, a little bit of magic does so much. The winner of prompt pick! Jaskier gets injured, and Geralt has to hurt him to help him, ft. Geralt & Jaskier have sex in the bottled appetite scene, that's it LMFAOOO. My Wish Chapter 1, a witcher fanfic | FanFiction. Worse, Geralt gave him a look like he might be the next thing skewered on those famous silver swords. Pairings: Jaksier x Eskel, past!Geralt x Jaskier Summary: Jaskier tries to help Eskel. geralt/jaskier geraskier fanfiction geraskier geralt of rivia jaskier fanfiction jaskier the witcher fic the witcher omega jaskier alpha geralt …. Hurt (Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier) Fanfiction. Netflix dropped a surprise behind the scenes documentary this week about season 1 called, Making The Witcher. Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia Rating: E Chapters: 7/? Words: 27K Relationships: Aizawa Shouta/Yamada Hizashi, …. The Witcher Series The Witcher | Geralt of Rivia Henry Cavill | Fantasy Romance …. Geralt, Jaskier, Yennefer and Ciri leave Kaer Morhen to find a safe place to train Ciri. Geralt and Jaskier aren't friends anymore, confirms The Witcher documentary trailer. Ya’ll should read my fic on Ao3 :) Plenty of angsty, sad Jaskier and a smutty treat at the end! When …. Cositas de esta hermosa y peculiar parejita. After learning that Geralt made a wish to alter their destinies, Yennefer leaves him, breaking both of their hearts. Or, Geralt is doing a fine job of pretending being followed around by a pining bard does nothing but annoy him, until Jaskier gets hurt. jbb He loved the sorceress Yennefer, considered the love of his …. In the books, Geralt had to quell a riot happening in Rivia, as the townspeople were killing off any non-human. Geralt smiles - the barest of smiles - and leaves. ♡Defining whump: A broader term for the hurt/comfort …. Bad guys drown Jaskier to get Geralt to talk. Series: Part 5 of Things That Might’ve Happened. ” Jaskier’s smile is full of painful fondness. Geralt despises Valdo Marx (once he gets to know him) –. A pure multi-fandom blog dedicated to vulnerable fictional men and the feelings they incite within us. The Witcher | Jaskier | Fanfiction Short Stories Netflix Hurt Comfort Geralt H C Geraskier Nekker Storia realizzata per l' Anonymous H/C Speed-Filling Challenge, indetta sul gruppo Hurt/Comfort Italia - Fanfiction & Fanart Prompt: Personaggio A è gravemente ammalato (niente malattie mortali) e personaggio B lo assiste, anche se i due l'ultima. A friendship (or more) blossoms. Warnings - Mentions of death, mentions of violence. geralt helps out on contracts sometimes, when he’s confident that he won’t get hurt. Words: 828 Pairing: Geralt x Female!Reader Warnings: Jealousy Inspiration: This A/N: This is such a sad attempt at writing …. fic: nine moon symphony pairing: Geralt/Jaskier Written for @yucksoup as part of the @geraskierexchange with the prompt Werewolf!Geralt. That didn't stop Geralt from blaming him. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible . alyrimba reblogged this from the-little-nerd. But this happened before Jaskier enters that story. Geralt and Jaskier make the decision to publicly come out and deal with the aftermath. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. rm Geralt has heard all of these throughout his travels, and more alongside them. Fic recs and occasional fanfic and meta. Atualizada em 24/04/2022 00:13. Geralt and Yennefer are concerned …. He had imagined over the last decade how this would go because he had known it would happen. Jaskier turns and runs, feet digging desperately for traction in the slippery sand. (Friendly reminder– I am NOT a …. Season 1 of the Netflix original series told the story of Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), the titular Witcher, and is based off the best-selling series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. This story is part of a series, part I and II …. Geralt wouldn't be in danger if Jaskier hadn't taken him to Cintra that fateful day. He can’t move, though, can only stare and let the tears roll down his cheeks as he tries to make sense of it all. m0 Pairing - Geralt x Reader, Jaskier x Reader. Jaskier closed his eyes and sunk against the door to his room, sucking in deep breaths as he tried to calm down his thundering heart before …. She doesn’t even know her own name. Geralt returns, effectively cutting off Jaskier’s sentence. Title: Footprints Are More Easily Seen in the Snow Author: madsthenerdygirl. ij8 after a run-in with a drowner, that the witcher had made short work of, jaskier was left …. Geralt is out on a mission, and you and Jaskier are left to justwait until he gets back Contains: Comfort, Reassurance, Heavily Implied Triad …. “I’m sorry it took me so long,” Geralt …. Destiny fucking hates Jaskier's guts. Jaskier knew that people found him annoying most of the time, because he talked too much and he turned everything that happened around him into songs. Jaskier caught Rience’s attention through his ballad. Really into the witcher right now. rc | the ghost of you | ⚔️Banshee!Jaskier⚔️. read it on the AO3 at https://ift. One day, Geralt realises something. And that night in Cintra had been more excitement than most people saw in a year, so Jaskier could, perhaps, be excused for completely missing the implications of Geralt’s words until a. Because Jaskier is not like most people. k7 Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 – Final. After finding out that Jaskier's wounds are magical, Geralt tracks down a mage to heal his friend. Jaskier is bleeding through his bandages while riding on roach. The Witcher Series The Witcher | Geralt of Rivia Henry Cavill | Fantasy Romance Geralt Rivia Love Story Superman Elf Elves. Anche se secondo Jaskier Geralt è solo un idiota emotivamente costipato. 8aw x61 Jaskier snorts in surprise and Geralt visibly flinches—oh yeah, it’s very clear who she got that one from. Video of Geralt & Jaskier - Hurt for peminat-peminat of The Witcher (Netflix). When Jaskier is sent after a cruel, corrupt lord who has hired Geralt as his bodyguard, Jaskier …. Okk since some people are actually interested in this- it's based on the idea of a dialog between Jaskier and Ciri, …. 394 Likes, 3 Comments - Geralt 🥺 (@geraltsjaskier) on Instagram: “#thewitchernetflix #thewitcher #thewitchermemes …. 54 Hurt Jaskier | Dandelion - Works | Archive o…. Jaskier held pressure onto their wound after he was sat behind them, it was a tight squeeze to get all three of them on there, but they needed to get out of there as fast as possible before the town figured out where they. Jaskier, as always, is along for the ride on one of Geralt's contracts in a faraway kingdom. views thank you all so much ️Geralt and Jaskier. It was a strange question to ask your best friend, out of the blue, …. “It’s okay,” Geralt tries one last time, stumbling only slightly over his words. 7cm 06 Mainly cause I related a lot and homophobia is not a vibe. Contains lots of Geralt whump and hurt/comfort. "Get what, my dear witcher?" he asks, tipping his head down as to avoid looking Geralt in the eye. More like you are a backpack of some kind, wrapped around his torso with your face nestled in the back of his neck, nuzzling his soft blonde locks. Summary: When he took a contract to kill a kikimora, the last thing Lambert expected was to run into his brother. Jaskier shouldn’t have to endure Geralt’s …. It's a very small town and reaching the larger, more prosperous inn takes hardly any time at all. rating Mature / wc 61,277 / notes modern au, slow burn. Geralt finds himself the victim of a spell of mind-control and Tris gets into trouble for trying to help. So when he's saved from the jaws of a wyvern by the infamous Butcher of Blaviken, Geralt of Rivia, he comes up with a brilliant idea: he'll follow the Witcher around and sing about. Jaskier is an assassin, but Geralt doesn’t know that. The woman with red hair glanced at him ~~~ "I disagree, I gave the people of the village a new hope, a creature that shouldn’t quite exist-” “The Phoenix. Since they still haven’t really talked since Geralt broke Jaskier out of jail, this means Jaskier is doing a lot of. fw Jaskier’s sloped shoulders stiffened, his head raising as his hands stilled. Three days later, when Geralt cracks open the door to …. Pairing: Geralt x Jaskier Warning(s): non-human anatomy, interspecies sex, oviposition, eggpreg, a/b/o, intersex omegas Rating: explicitFic Summary: …. Geralt feels his heart stop when Jaskier stops talking mid-sentence. Where There's a Witcher by ghostinthelibrary. z4q “I doubt Melitele would let her favorite son wither away, …. Yennefer z Vengerbergu | Yennefer of Vengerberg is So Done. I needed to share this idea with someone and you came to mind first: After The Mountain, Geralt runs into Lambert, and lets it slip that he basically fired …. Geralt, despite his usually high tolerance for the cold, shivered and wrapped his thin blanket tighter around his and Jaskier’s shoulders. 1 Yennefer: Walking Out On Geralt. 436 The candles on Jaskier’s side of the room are (obviously) not shining on Jaskier’s face, since he’s not facing them, but they are shining on Geralt, lighting him up with a warm glow. Both gratuitous and over the top, if you also enjoy it, glad to hear it. When Yennefer, the court mage of Nilfgaard, is ordered to bring the Emperor his missing …. Despite the fact that Geralt points out everything that makes Jaskier a potentially hazardous or irritating (though possibly inhuman) companion, Jaskier chooses not to leave the Witcher’s side. Geralt was always stronger than he had realised and Jaskier was weaker than he let on. Did you know I caught an arrow with my own hand, It's the truth I swear! Dandelion Julian Alfred Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhove, better known …. The second season brings us Jaskier's new song "Burn, Butcher, Burn" a blistering Break Up Song which shows just how upset Jaskier was about …. Jaskier turns, finding that the man from before was indeed still staring at him, and walks towards him. Geralt looked up and raised an eyebrow at Jaskier, but Jaskier wasn’t even looking at him. Jaskier realized that he sounded like a horny slut when he said "strip", but he thought it'd be funny. Hurt Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia. 3k “They’re fine,” Geralt turned to Jaskier, “So long as you don’t hurt a tree. okay but jaskier fucking whiplashing himself for the first month of being at kaer morhen bc the other witchers don’t just let him manhandle them the way …. Geralt and Jaskier spend the next few days in town upon Geralt’s stern insistence, the latter wishing to allow Jaskier a chance to fully rest and …. Trying to hide his expression which hardens when he feels . ㅡ 9K → author ㅡ AvoidingAverage → werewolf!jaskier, hurt/comfort, . Geraskier, 1k, established relationship, soft hurt/comfort, sleep deprivation. Unlike your traditional fantasy/historical doublet, all of Jaskier’s jackets end at the waist, rather than continuing into a peplum/skirt like Geralt’s armor does. Summary - With nowhere else to go, the reader is …. As Jaskier moved closer Geralt shifted and lifted Y/N so …. Summary: Part 6 of the Jaskier whump week - Hatred. Along the way they become a strong and united family. Imagine Geralt but emotionally mature. Jaskier asks, clinging to the single word with hope that burns in his chest. sgc That doesn’t make waiting any less annoying, though. He agrees to answer any questions she might have if she heals. Pushing himself back, Jaskier gently took Geralt’s face in his hands and smiled softly, “I am alright my love, you have been nothing but kind …. Geralt meets his eyes, still with that same soft expression, and Jaskier — Jaskier has to look away, because otherwise he’ll do something stupid, like walk over to …. Posts; Archive; omg-just-peachy. Jaskier let Geralt say his goodbyes first as he tended to Roach, knowing that, as much as he would deny becoming emotional, he would probably need a …. And then Geralt immediately finds some way to change the subject, carefully making it so he doesn't have to answer it. Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia & Jaskier | Dandelion; Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia; Jaskier | Dandelion; Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot; tumblr ask; Queer …. Pairing: Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier. After Geralt had finally managed to get rid of Jaskier once and for all, he could finally start his search for . Summary: Jaskier is traveling with Geralt when a hunt goes badly wrong and Geralt ends up injured. ~~~ Ah, chaos and misunderstandings my beloved. He had to go and properly apologise. There is no indication of Jaskier being bisexual anywhere in the books (unlike for example Ciri and Triss). The pain of their separation is something that was completely preventable. Please interpret them however you wish!. they are like cut out from the shrek xD I love their relationship 🦆🍃I w. Geralt takes on a contract that he shouldn't and Yennefer has to patch him up. There was a problem with Jaskier, not that anyone would notice. Jaskier has a venom laced wound. geraskier fanfiction thanks for tagging us! Wednesday, Mar 2nd 282 notes 1646268502. jaskier stole geralt’s shirt once and that was before The Mountain and geralt wrote it off as merely having lost his shirt somehow. Geralt and Jaskier get domestic. hwv He was nothing but a stupid bard to Geralt. pairing: geralt/jaskier | prompts used: failed escape / rescue. During the Trial of the Grasses, Geralt exhibited unusual tolerance for the mutagens that grant witchers. It's been a year since Jaskier last saw Geralt, and the Nilfgaardians want to know where he and his child surprise are. dy No-one knew what happened to him while Geralt was having his little crisis, and it appeared that he wasn't eager to share either. Jaskier takes one look at Geralt and decides that the brooding figure in the corner will make for the finest company. Deep inside Jaskier knew that Geralt was just angry, but still, it hurt. 1080p HD"Hold on i still need you"Okay so in season 2 they have to get more friendship moments together cause Geralt CLEARLY cares about him . Spoilers for The Witcher (TV) Season 2. Geralt rode hard and fast, the urge to find Jaskier like a …. Jaskier, as always, is along for the ride on one of Geralt’s contracts in a faraway kingdom. Geralt/Jaskier Hurt/Comfort Recs Why yes, I am weak for the trope of “Jaskier is in pain and tries to hide it and/or Geralt thinks he's just . cm That hurt and i know it’s a happy ending but it still HURT. Series: Part 36 of witcher one shots. On the darkest night of Spring an elven child was bornone tainted by an unholy union and cursed to be killed at the hands of a Witcher. Here’s what Batey said: “The best artists in the world always respond to the world around them and want to adapt and become part of that …. well folks this is the end of cloak and dagger but not the end of the series so i'll see you in the next round ! my fic my writing cloak and dagger the witcher …. Netflix, games, the books, the Polish TV show Hexer - all are allowed! You are allowed to have the POV character as …. he probably just drank a lot or stayed in some …. Anonymous asked: if you’re taking prompts::: touch starved steve and tony “i love to touch” stark …. The Witcher is a Netflix-produced Dark Fantasy series adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski's book series, The Witcher, with Lauren Hissrich as showrunner. Canon: The Witcher Pairing: Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier Rating: Explicit [NC-17]. They take the baby with them, Jaskier names her Elora. Jaskier wants to take care of his wounds and Geralt is sure the only reason for that can be that Jaskier wants to pay him back for letting him come along on his …. Geralt makes no mention of colours or soulmates, and neither does Jaskier. Geralt's expression tells me that he knows he did wrong by Jaskier. Video of Geralt & Jaskier - Hurt for ファン of The Witcher (Netflix). 'Destined to be alone forever', is exclaimed in taverns. This story though… it kind of broke your heart, and made you want to punch Geralt at the same time, even though you knew that you’d probably …. Fanfic: The Bard Who Chased a White Wolf Ch 3, Witcher | FanFiction. But surely old enough to be more than experienced in a number of areas, including sex. He curled further under the covers, leaning up against the wall with …. Behind him, Jaskier is rolling up the gauze, putting it in the kit and shutting it. There was a tiny moment where Geralt wasn’t sure …. us Jaskier gets injured, and Geralt has to hurt him to help him, ft. After Geralt had finally managed to get rid of …. Rating: Explilcit [NC-17] Word Count: 8,676. k0 Jaskier is a twentysomething recently …. Julian Alfred Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhove better known as Jaskier (b.